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Many people go to the mall almost every weekend. However, visiting a retail center like the West Edmonton Mall is an entirely different experience. Going to a relatively large mall can always seem eventful since these malls tend to have lots of stores and many additional features. The West Edmonton Mall is the very biggest shopping mall on the North American continent.

Until the year 2004, the West Edmonton Mall was the largest in the entire world. It was first opened in 1981. Many famous malls were constructed during the 1980s, and plenty of malls have been closed since the year 2007. However, in practice, this often means that the remaining malls have become even more famous. They have less competition now. The West Edmonton Mall never had all that much competition in practice, since nothing quite like it.

This mall seems more like a theme park than a mall in a lot of ways. Lots of malls have carousels and similar features, but they don’t usually have their waterparks. As people continue to make more purchases online, plenty of malls worldwide are focusing more on adding recreational centers. However, most of these malls will never set up substantial swimming pools and indoor water slides like the Edmonton Mall. It’s a nicer waterpark than the most famous outdoor waterparks.

Of course, plenty of people will still want to focus on going shopping at the Edmonton Mall. It has an impressive selection of stores. People can buy high-quality designer clothing there. There are craft stores, sports stores, hobby stores, and many others. Guests should be able to find most of their favourite shops at this location. They’ll also potentially find many new stores there.

It’s impossible to see this entire mall in a single day. Some guests stay in the area for a week, visiting the West Edmonton Mall each day in the process.

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