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The Edmonton Valley Zoo is located near the river and is a small and educational zoo for adults and children in Edmonton. Over $50 million has been spent on a new entry, educational buildings, cafe, zoo store, reptile exhibit, and natural habitats. Their current project is Natures Wild Backyard that will design natural habitats for a variety of animals. The project will upgrade guest amenities, too, for visitors.

Animals at the Edmonton Zoo

The zoo has many different species of amphibians on display. They have the poison dart frog, golden Mantella, and rain frog in their natural habitats. They have reptiles like the African spurred tortoises, pythons, boas, inland bearded dragon, and geckos. These amphibians and reptiles come from all over the world. The zoo has a variety of birds from various climates and locations. Birds at the zoo are white pelicans, barn owls, bald eagles, black swans, falcon, hawk, and dove.

Edmonton Valley Zoo has some mammals in their natural habitat. They have the artic wolf, Asian elephant, camels, sheep, lemur, lynx, monkey, zebra, horse, bat, otters, porcupines, foxes, rats, pandas, reindeer, tigers and other big cats, and sloths. Adults and children learn about mammals hunting and eating habits from natural exhibits. The staff at the zoo focuses on nutrition, medicine, and habitat design. They have a veterinary hospital that opened in 2010 with surgery and a laboratory.

Conservation and Environmental Initiatives

The Edmonton Valley Zoo participates in several nonprofit organizations that raise animals and raise money for endangered species. Some of the organizations they belong to are the Snow Leopard Trust, The Red Panda Network and Polar Bear International. They have several green environmental programs at the zoo. They plant native species, recycle rainwater, use low flow water fixtures, and have 50 bike racks for bikers. They grow their food in the Enrichment Garden and recently added beehives to their collection.

They are open Monday thru Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm. Social distancing is practiced, and tickets are sold online in limited amounts. The Edmonton Valley Zoo is located at 13115 Buena Vista Road, Edmonton, Alberta.

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