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Spend an afternoon at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Depending on the level of in-depth study you want to undertake, you might spend a lunch hour there, two hours, or an entire afternoon. While the exhibits do change over a long period of time, those on display now will typically remain in place until at least 2021. The gallery mixes art with science to enjoy paintings, sculptures, drawings, performance art, or natural science exhibits.

The “Halie Finney: The Ghosts of the Mink Make a Big Spirit” exhibit explores the artist’s smoke metaphor to represent grief. Finney uses the unusual media of smoke to express childhood memories and the emptiness that remains when a body leaves or moves.

Explore the evolution of insect constructions at the “BMO World of Creativity: Animal Architects.” Many animals build nests, hills, and other types of homes. This exhibit explores their architectural features and materials through time and space. While we often contemplate human built architecture, this exhibit looks at the smaller scale of animal homes such as anthills with their intricate tunnels and bird nests with their bright scraps interwoven into twigs. Also, observe the related exhibit, “Nests for the End of the World,” a commissioned work that examines the thought process of how to create a nest for humans and animals in which you could handle the end of the world.

Stop in the AGA Atrium to admire the “Damian Moppett: Untitled Abstract Drawing in Space,” which the artist is creating as a commissioned piece for the gallery with funding from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Public Art Commission. The Canadian artist’s installation will be constructed in place in the atrium as a permanent display.

Fans of Rembrandt’s work can explore his formative years when he lived in Leiden in this exhibit. Commemorating the 350th anniversary of his death, “Leiden circa 1630: Rembrandt Emerges,” provides an in-depth look at the artist and his work habits and the years of his work life that proved the turning point of his artistic development.

You will also find smaller, temporary exhibits at the gallery. In “Roy Caussy: The King is Dead…,” artist Caussy explores the dwindling influence and power of Baby Boomers through that generation’s legacy systems. The special exhibit, “In Golden Light: Orthodox Icons from Annunciation to Ascension,” collects painted Christian icons Greece, Russia, and Serbia spanning the 17th to the 19th centuries. Explore the modern world and its constructs and digitized nature in “Re: Calculations.” This contemporary art collect of recent gallery acquisitions explores the calculated nature of contemporary existence.

Please choose your favourite exhibit to explore at the Art Gallery of Alberta or view them all in one afternoon or a full-day visit. Since the gallery continually adds new displays, you have modern art to admire each time you visit.

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